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Who are we

We, as one of the fastest growing Medical and Wellness Tourism Company located in Delhi (India).
Delhi being Capital of India located in Northern region of India and is also one of the most Safest cities of the Country Along with its Excellent Medical Facilities. Hence Government of India itself has considered it one of the Most Valued cities for Medical Tourism.

Apart from the location Solace, our company has much positive aspects to be chosen for Medical Treatments. We have a history of Successfully cured and satisfied patients. Apart from that we offer a wide range of services that benefit our patients very much while their course of Treatment.

The major benefits with us are :

•  Wide range of Treatments.
•  Professionally Qualified & Experienced Doctors.
•  Cost Effective Treatments with most comfortable travel plan.
•  World class Hospitals.
•  Personalised Care round the clock.

We intend to offer large range of Treatments covering major areas of Medical Arena, which are as under :

•  Organ Transplants (Liver Transplant, Kidney Transplant, Bone Marrow Transplant)
•  Complete Cancer Care.
•  Neuroscience.
•  Cardiac Science.
•  Orthopaedic.
•  ENT Department.
•  Gastroenterology.
•  Bariatric Surgery.
•  Cosmetic Surgery.
•  IVF Treatment etc.